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15 January 2019

Essay Writing 101: How to Write a Proper Essay

Are you looking for some tips in essay writing in Australia? Essay writing styles are different from one country or another. Of course, Australia has its own writing style that may be different from other countries. In this article, we will tell you some things you need to know about writing an essay in Australia. We also have some tips for you in the end. Alright. Let’s start.

#1: Break Down the Question

First and foremost, you need to break down the research question. Although this is obvious, this is a very common mistake among students. Many students do not answer the question asked. To avoid this, you will need to break down the question.

To break down the question, you should read the questions asked several times. After you have done that, underline the important keywords in those questions. In general, there are three types of keywords:

• Task Words

These keywords are typically verbs. Task words will tell you how to answer a particular question. For instance, to analyze, define, explain, contrast or evaluate. 

• Content Words

These keywords will tell you what the topic is.

• Limiting Words

These keywords narrow the scope of the topic and tell you in which part you need to put your focus on.

By knowing the types of keywords above, you will be able to have a proper understanding of the question. Consequently, you will be better equipped to answer the question.

When you answer a question, try to include the content and limiting words in your essay. This will tell the reader how your argument is connected to the question that is being asked. Also, some questions will allow you to choose a particular definition of a keyword. In this case, be clear about the definition of the keyword you will use.

#2: Research

It is very important to demonstrate your understanding of the ‘academic dialogue’ related to the topic of your essay. In other words, you need to know what other academics or experts in the field are saying about the subject matter.

To know what the other academics or experts in the field are saying about the subject matter, you will need to do some research. This does not necessarily mean that you should just quote and repeat what the other academics or experts say about the subject matter. Rather, you reference their work to position your own ideas. Do you agree with them? Or perhaps you disagree with them? How do previous academics or scholars vie the subject matter?

To start your research, simply type the key terms of the essay question in Google Scholar and online library catalog. That way, you will be able to find books, papers, journals or other important sources to help you answer the question.

In case you get stuck in the research process, you can go back to the assigned readings of the topic. From there, find and explore the listed references. This will give you an insight into what you should read next and what has been written about the topic.

Be sure you know how to reference these works. Better yet, do it properly from the start. Just write the page numbers, ideas, and quotes down as you continue your research process. This way, you will not waste time looking for them later on.

#3: Follow the Structure

Essay writing style may vary based on the subject. This applies to essay writing in Australia as well. Despite the differences, all styles of essay writing have these three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. Each of these parts serves a different purpose.

First is the introduction. The introduction is where you define the key terms used in the essay. This is also where you discuss the main points of the topic at hand. When you write your introduction, try to be as clear as possible. Explain what will you argue and how will you do it.

Second, the body. The body consists of different paragraphs. Each of these paragraphs should be focused on a particular theme or issue. How should you create the paragraphs and how long should they be? In some cases, it is up to you to decide how. In some others, your teacher will tell you how you should create it and how long.

To start writing, you can write down your main themes or arguments. From here, try to arrange them in the most logical order possible. A good essay presents ideas in a ‘flowing’ manner where one idea connects to the next.

Each paragraph should consist of four parts:

• Statement

This is a sentence which shows the main idea of a paragraph.

• Elaboration

This is the supporting details of the idea of a paragraph.

• Example

If possible, include an example which supports your argument.

• Explanation

This is the sentences that explain the significance of your point in a paragraph as well as your overall argument.

Lastly, the conclusion. In this part, you should reference the essay question, restate your main argument, explain how your arguments answer the question, and finish it with a strong statement.


And now, the tips. Our first tip is to ensure that you make a unique essay. Make a unique essay where you convey your ideas appropriately and appeal to your readers. You can even include some new ideas in your essay provided that you have strong arguments and evidence for it. By doing so, you will be able to stand out from the rest.

Our second tip is to keep your focus on the essay question. Many students do these mistakes. Rather than keeping their focus on the essay question, many students get distracted and wander off-topic. As a result, the essay question may not even be answered. Don’t do this. Keep your focus on the essay question.

Our third tip is to proofread your essay. Always proofread your essay. Do it when the essay is already finished. If you want to minimize errors as much as possible, proofread your essay several times. This allows you to detect a different kind of error each time you proofread.


These are things you should know about essay writing in Australia. It will take time to get used to writing a proper essay in Australia but we promise it will be worthwhile. We hope this helps.

14 January 2019

Seven Tips For Writing a Killer Uni Essay

I can honestly claim that I've never ever been a helicopter mother. I've never ever stayed up later on than my kid to put a few "ending up touches" on her scientific research project. I do not arrange conferences with instructors or principals or send very carefully worded "worried" messages to moms of my youngsters' friends. I don't have monitoring tools on their phones.

For years I've been great. I've been laid back. Except when among my kids puts a piece of composing in front of me. Prior to I know what I'm doing, I'm getting to for a red pen. The itch to modify or tease something superb from each sentence is merely also excellent to withstand. I MUST put my mark on it.

Currently my oldest son is relating to universities and also it's essay-writing time. All my exercises in restriction have actually resulted in this point. Currently, not only is it my last possibility to be a Butt-in-ski, it's a really crucial situation.

Need to put myself has been so great I've needed a treatment of sorts. So I got in touch with my good friend Gad Meiron, tutor extraordinaire as well as creator of The Gad School, to aid me created tips for an awesome university essay. (Tips which, incidentally, will uplevel any form of composing).

If you're a distressed parent begging your daughter or son to allow you "just take a little appearance," stop hovering. Rather, print this out, give it to your kid, as well as allow it go.

Beloved (insert name):.

Your essay is not regarding success, as well as it's not a résumé. The universities already have that in your application. Sadly, a lot of the hundreds of applications colleges obtain appearance rather comparable. How can you separate your own from everybody else's as well as stick out? Write a killer essay.

University admissions officers consider your essay like it's a meeting. It's their only method to be familiar with the actual you if you do not talk to in individual. Your job is to reveal your finest you. Here are some standard standards to help you make an excellent impact.

  1. Beginning with a story. Make use of the initial person as well as make it personal. Admissions officers need to know the significance of that you are. What matters to you? Just how do you assume and really feel? Select a topic that evokes an actual emotion in you. Bear in mind, nevertheless, that your story needs to be a reaction to the concern timely. Make sure it's appropriate. What story will you tell? A college counselor shared that a preferred topic she's seeing is around identity. That am I? Where do I fit in? This could revolve around sex, immigration standing, being creative versus intellectual, and so on. Beginning there, if it's an excellent tale. Otherwise, do not. You wish to stand out. Perhaps you pick an event in your life that impacted you deeply as well as transformed you right.
  2. Utilize a great opening line. Admissions officers review countless essays every year, and they'll gloss right over your own if it seems boring or standard from the beginning.
  3. Do not lose words reiterating the timely concern. That's a dish for rejection.
  4. Be genuine. Admissions officers can inform when you're making points up.
  5. Avoid emotionally stressful, uncomfortable subjects. The loss of a loved one or a deadly disease might make a compelling story, however it might additionally avoid the admissions officer.
  6. Maintain it intriguing by utilizing a variety of syntax. Do not begin every sentence with the formulaic "I, verb, noun.".
  7. Cut all unnecessary words thus, very, truly as well as limit adjectives and adverbs.

As well as most significantly? Be yourself. Do your finest as well as then relax. Absolutely nothing will certainly maintain you from your path.

13 January 2019

How To Write An Outstanding University Application Essay

The college application essay is an important part of the admissions procedure. However, when reviewed countless application essays, the business saw that the typical essay was ranked C+. A report by the National Association for College Admission Counseling located that grades in college prep courses were the most crucial element, adhered to by admission examination ratings. 

Nonetheless, the application essay was rated much greater than suggestions from therapists and teachers, course rank, the meeting, extracurricular tasks as well as numerous other factors. Since the college application essay is so vital, BetterEssays spoke to several specialists to discover the most effective means to compose one that will certainly gain college admissions officers.

Why the College Application Essay is So Important

Numerous aspects are consisted of in the application procedure that students might question why they require to fret concerning the essay. Brad Schiller, founder and CEO of, tells BetterEssays that lots of candidates to the exact same schools might have similar grades as well as test scores. "However, the essay is the differentiator; it's one of minority items of an application over which a trainee has straight control, as well as it supplies viewers with a feeling of that the student is, exactly how the student will fit in at the institution, and exactly how successful the trainee will certainly be both in university and upon graduation."

And for students with an irregular profile, the college application essay might provide an opportunity to radiate. Christina DeCario, the associate supervisor of Admissions at the College of Charleston, tells BetterEssays that the essay offers clues concerning a student's writing skills, individuality as well as preparedness for university. 

She suggests students to view the essay as a chance. "If your account is a little unequal, like you're successful outside the class however your qualities aren't rather there, or you're the valedictorian but you're not a good examination taker, the essay can press you from a maybe to an of course," DeCario describes.

Just how to Choose a Topic

According to Schiller, such subjects as the student's goals, interests, individuality, or periods of individual growth are all excellent areas in which to begin conceptualizing. However, he states that students hardly ever choose topics in these locations.

Cailin Papszycki, director of college admissions programs at Kaplan Test Prep, concurs, and also states the purpose of the essay is to provide the student as thoughtful and mature. "The trick is to motivate using an individual tale that records this high quality." Papszycki thinks that transformational experiences are terrific subjects. "For instance, did you get over severe shyness by radiating in the school musical manufacturing? Did a family situation transform your expectation on life and make you a better kid or brother or sister?" When trainees can tell a genuine as well as convincing tale, Papszycki says colleges think they can bring distinctive experiences to the college atmosphere.

Imagination is additionally a good tool to utilize when writing the essay. Merrilyn Dunlap, interim director of Admissions at Clarion University of Pennsylvania, informs BetterEssays, she recalls an essay that was written when the MasterCard "valuable" ads were prominent. "The student opened up the essay with something like:

Expense to go to five college campuses = $200.

Application fees for 5 universities = $300.

Moving away from home for the initial time = priceless.

On top of that, Dunlap claims she suches as to see essays on why a trainee chose a specific area of research study due to the fact that these kinds of essays tend to draw out the trainee's emotions. "When they discuss something that they are passionate about, it remains in their favor; they come to be actual to us.".

So, what kinds of subjects should be avoided? Schiller cautions against any kind of subject that can portray the trainee adversely. "Some usual inadequate options of subjects we see are getting inadequate grades due to lack of effort, clinical depression or stress and anxiety that you have not conquer, problems with other individuals that went unsettled, or bad individual decisions," he cautions.

Do's and also Do n'ts to Writing a College Application Essay.
After selecting an engaging subject, our panel of specialists provide the following guidance.

Create a synopsis. Schiller believes that it's crucial for trainees to arrange their thoughts, as well as a rundown can assist them structure their ideas. "First, constantly begin with the end in mind-- what do you desire your viewers to believe after reading your essay?" As well as, he recommends making use of the thesis statement to rapidly obtain to the essay's bottom line.

Don't create a narrative. While Schiller confesses that the university essay must provide information about the student, he alerts versus a long, rambling account. "Stories and narratives are an important part of showing your reader that you are, yet a great general rule is to make these no greater than 40% of your word count and leave the remainder of your words for reflection and also evaluation.".

Have a verdict. "So lots of essays begin well, the second as well as 3rd paragraphs are solid, and afterwards they simply end," laments DeCario. "You need to describe why you informed me all the important things you covered previously in the essay; relate it to on your own and also the essay question.".

Change early as well as often. Do not just create one draft as well as believe you're done. Papszycki claims the essay will certainly need to undergo numerous modifications-- and also not just to capture grammatical mistakes. "Ask your moms and dads, teachers, high college therapists or good friends for their eyes and edits." She recommends these people because they know the student far better than any individual else, and they likewise desire the student to do well. "Take their useful objection in the spirit for which they plan - your advantage.".

Proofread to the max. DeCario advises having somebody else check it. And afterwards, she states the student needs to read it out loud. "When you check, you should look for grammar and also sentence structure; when a person else proofreads, they will certainly be looking for clearness in the essay; when you review it aloud, you'll catch errors or even whole missing words like 'a' or 'as well as' that you didn't capture when you read it in your head.".

Don't pack for the essay. Beginning early so there will be a lot of time. "The summertime prior to senior year can be a blast to start job on your essay," Papszycki discusses.

Use humor judiciously. "It's fine to make use of wit and also imagination, however do not attempt to be funny if that's not your individuality," Papszycki suggests. She also advises versus compeling humor since it can have an unexpected result.